Chapman, a hybrid firm

At Chapman & Associés, you can count on a diversified and qualified team that offers you accounting services adapted to your reality.

Accounting 2.0

Remote accounting

Despite our affinity for customer relations and human contact, we work in a resolutely modern way. This is why we use and provide you with the best cloud computing tools to facilitate access and processing of your management information.

Implementation of accounting software

We can advise and help you in the selection and implementation of the best business solutions for you or your company. Our team can also help you with the implementation of the appropriate software.

Accounting coaching

We offer people and organizations that already have resources or accounting tools, training courses and support for accounting software. We analyze your needs and help you optimize your accounting services.

Traditional accounting


There are few things as exciting as a well-organized spreadsheet, with clearly marked rows and columns, and filled with logically organized financial data. You don’t share this opinion? The boredom of some makes the happiness of others: let us take charge of your bookkeeping.

Payroll processing

Preparing a payroll is far more complicated than spending it, but the process is inevitable. If you need help navigating the technicality and complexity of a payroll cycle, we would be happy to assist you. 

The certification

The production and publication of financial statements is not something to be taken lightly. If you do not have the necessary skills to carry out these tasks, we will be happy to provide you with our expertise in the preparation and certification of financial statements.

Personal and corporate tax (taxation)

While death and taxation are the only two true certainties in this world, that doesn’t mean you have to face them without help. We can file your personal and / or corporate income tax returns, which is (almost) as important.

Strategic consulting and performance management

Modern accounting is anything but a clerical function disconnected from the strategic directions of an organization. Our services therefore include support in strategy and performance management to help entrepreneurs, start- ups and larger companies to reach the next level.

Do you need accounting services?