Chapman, founded in the 20th century

Founded in 1986, in a dilapidated office. The ancestors of our firm knew Windows 95 and the beginning of Excel, the staff already printed spreadsheets in legal format and filled out tax documents by hand. More than 36 years later, Chapman is still a faithful supporter of the Quebec business and entrepreneurial community.

Today, our place of business welcomes you in a design that we grabbed from Pinterest. We use and provide you with the most advanced software on the market and our archive room melted, thanks to cloud systems, giving way to a larger rest area and a more refined coffee machine.

Always evolving and adapting to new standards and legislative realities, we strive to offer you services tailored to your needs and the reality of your market.

At Chapman & Associés, we are proud to be able to count on a diversified and qualified team (redirection to team). Our team now consists of only 30% of flat and conservative accountants, the remaining 70% are all colorful and extroverted.




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Our firm is at the cutting edge of technology, offering you remote services through the technological platforms that you like to use. Thus, limiting travel time and making it easier to make appointments.

We are a firm that also has a place of business capable of welcoming our clients and their teams, if necessary. Sometimes there is nothing better than meeting in person to get things done quickly and efficiently.

We present our offices to you, to make you want to leave the virtual world, from time to time, and come and meet us in the flesh.

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